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Quality Guests Posts on Baby Boomer Concerns

Yes, we do accept a modest amount of quality guest posts. There are only a couple of simple rules, so if you feel as if you can comply with these, use the contact Baby Boomer Concerns email form to let us know your idea.

We do have some rules that are based upon our experience with managing many websites that accept guest posts. They are not harsh, and we believe they are fair to everybody.

The Five Rules of Mutually Beneficial Guest Posts on Baby Boomer Concerns (Please don’t ignore #4)

  1. Know our audience: Make sure your topic would be interesting to our target audience of people over 50 by reviewing some previously posted articles. You are free to be creative and even mention your own baby boomer work, but stay on message.
  2. No full page ads: Obviously, we do not want a full page advertisement for your product or service, so provide some information or motivation for our audience.
  3. Links: You are free to include ONE LINK to your quality website, and you can also include an authority source link (i.e. government, education) if you want.
  4. You link back: After we send you back a note to give you your published link, we EXPECT you to link back from your web page or social network. This helps everybody, and it will help even more in the future when we begin rewarding authors who send back traffic.
  5. We reserve editorial discretion: We reserve the right to determine what is appropriate, but we will start by saying that we do not accept any hate speech, obscene material, extreme political views, etc.


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