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Top Baby Boomer Concerns

What Are You So Worried About?

What Are You So Worried About?

Boomers are interested in lots of things. But the anxiety level among this group of people who has already just retired or are approaching retirement is high. Since it is the title of this website, addressing the top baby boomer concerns was high on the mission statement so topics could be focused.

What Are Baby Boomers Worried About?

Well, according to AARP, baby boomers worry about the economy a lot. Up to 1/2 of them never expect to retire. This contradicts the common stereotype, mostly promoted by later generations, that this generation are the comfortable fat-cats. In fact, many are members of the famous sandwich generation – stuck between caring for kids and elderly parents. This is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

The Boomer Survey Says….

  • Almost 3/4 say they will have to delay retirement and almost half say they do not see how they can ever retire.
  • A staggering 65% say they know they will be forced to retire at some point, but do not see how they can live comfortably.
  • Almost 60% say that the continuing impact of the Great Recession on their retirement accounts will force them to rely a lot more on Medicare and Social Security than they had planned to.

Most of these respondents had tried to plan for a comfortable retirement, but illnesses, layoffs, and other financial problems caused them to dip into their retirement savings and lose money on the assets that they did manage to accumulate. While the 55+ age group does not suffer from the lowest unemployment rate, they do suffer from the longest periods of long term unemployment.

The worst news might be that AARP said the anxiety level of this generation is much higher than it is with either the elderly or the younger adults. Do we have more to be worried about, or do we just see some things they don’t see?

Another poll, on Over50Web.net said the top concerns were having enough money to retire, being able to access and afford medical care, and the ever famous – “The world is going to pot.” Apparently, if you compare this to the AARP poll, we boomers are simply also worried about being so worried.

Solutions For Baby Boomer Anxiety

Baby boomers might not be the greatest generation, like our parents were, but some like to believe that this generation is one of the most flexible and resilient. Hey, we invented the Internet – didn’t we? The good news is on the horizon, and that is what this website intends to concentrate on.

Let’s make this a time of positive changes. We might have to tighten our belt, postpone those cruises, and wait to enjoy movies until they come out on Nextflix, but we can live in the solution. So, you’re upside down on everything from your house to your car, your kid owes a lot of money on his college debt, and your elderly parents need a ride to the doctor.

But if you’re kid made it through school, you still get to greet your parents, or you have enough money to put gas in the tank and pay the light bill, you’re still better off than lots of people. It’s time to live in the solution and not the problem. That is all we hope to accomplish around here.

Grab a cup of tea and let’s make this second half of our lives, the best one yet.












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