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Enjoy Pasta Recipes and Eat More Vegetables

Vegetable Noodle Makers in Action

Vegetable Noodle Makers in Action

A recurring anti-aging theme seems to be that we all need to eat more vegetables to live longer and stay healthy. Doctors and scientific studies have agreed that even three to five servings of fruit and vegetables a day may not be optimum, and we may need to shoot for seven. That does seem like a lot of salad, so the solution might like in a cool kitchen gadget called a vegetable noodle maker. After all, very few scientific studies these days are telling us we need to eat more carbs, but what is a tomato or Alfredo sauce lover to do?

Make Pasta Out Of Vegetables

So, now we have a clever solution! You can make your own fake noodles out of better stuff than real noodles are made out of. Sure, you can purchase some expensive pasta that contains veggies, but these products are not 100 percent vegetables, and they still contain a lot of carbs and refined flower.

Vegetable Noodle Maker Options

We browsed Amazon to find the highest rated, inexpensive selection of vegetable noodle makers. These are both manual, so you don’t need power, and you can get a little exercise:

Tri-blade Vegetable Slicer By Spiralizer, 30% Heavier Duty Than Paderno And Others, Lifetime “No Hassle” Warranty, Fresh Veggie Pasta Maker, Easiest Way to Eat More Vegetables

Brieftons Spiral Slicer: Stainless Steel Vegetable Spiralizer with Special Japanese Blades and 2 Julienne Sizes, Perfect Spiral Cutter for Low Carb Healthy Vegetable Meals – With Manual, Recipes and Cleaning Brush

The Spriralizer is a more popular gadget for making nice strips out of vegetables, and it has more options. The second choice is a little less expensive and seems really simple to use. If you click through to Amazon, you can also look at the “also-viewed” links for more choices. Typical choices seem to range from a few dollars to commercial-grade and powered kitchen gadgets that cost over $500.

Also, they might be a bit harder to use, but there are cool gadgets called Julienne pealers that you can also use. Actually, on thinner veggies like carrots they might be a good solution.

Here’s a video of the Spiralizer in action making zucchini noodles:

What can you do with your thinly cut vegetable spirals, noodles, etc.

Vegetable Noodle Examples

Vegetable Noodle Examples

Of course, most people get excited about the idea of steaming vegetable noodles gently to create faux-noodles for their favorite pasta sauces. However, these also work great for quick stir-fry recipes. Of course, you could leave most vegetables raw and make a salad or a slaw.

If you do purchase the Spiralizer, choose large vegetables over small ones. Your noodles come out better, and the machine is easier to use that way. People use all sorts of veggies like zucchini and even cucumbers. Customers say that you can also sprialize sweet potatoes and winter squash. Some people say carrots work, but they should be the largest carrots possible.The smaller handheld model like the Brieftons might be better for smaller vegetables like smaller carrots.


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  1. Debra Stone says:

    I just got the $15 Spiralyzer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to make mostly zucchini noodles, and I love it. It’s really easy to use and clean. It’s almost like using an old-fashioned pencil sharpener. It works great for salad, stir fry, and of course veggie noodles.

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