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How To Reduce Credit Card Interest Rates

Can You Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rates To Help Pay Down Debt? One major concern of any prudent person approaching retirement is finding ways to pay down debt, particularly unsecured debt with high interest rates. Paying down these high interest credit cards is much easier if you can lower your interest rates. That is a bit tougher than it was a few years ago...

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Is The Full-Time RV Lifestyle For You?

Could You Call A Recreational Vehicle (RV) Your Full-Time Home? For any number of reasons, more and more Americans are buying recreational vehicles (RVs). Of course, most people purchase these mobile homes on wheels for recreational use. A small, but growing number of people, are adopting a part-time or full-time lifestyle. They save money, enjoy living in different places, and reduce complications. The most common...

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Movin’ On Down: Baby Boomers May Be Downsizing To Save Money For Retirement

Are You Planning To Downsize Soon To Save More Money? During the ’80’s, also known as the “me” decade, lots of young professionals (remember yuppies) were bent on accumulation. The survivors of that time, now greyer and hopefully wiser, are looking for coping strategies because most of that coping did not consist of tangible assets that can now be used for retirement. While these pre-retirees...

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Baby Boomers Retirement Savings Woes

Why Aren’t Baby Boomers Saving For Retirement? Several different factors have been piling up on today’s baby boomers, and these may finally lead to a real train wreck of a retirement outlooks for boomers. You do not have to read some reactionary political blogs to come to this conclusion, but can simply pull government data. The number of older workers who are living paycheck to...

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