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When to Collect Social Security Retirement Income

What Age is Best for Collecting Social Security Benefits? The exact age that you should begin collecting payments for social security retirement income can make a big difference in your monthly payments and the amount of money that you can collect over the course of your entire lifetime. By maximizing your social security benefits, you might be able to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and...

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Worried About Running Out of Money Later in Retirement: The Deferred Annuity Solution

Who Worries About Running out of Money Later In Retirement? Are you worried about running out of retirement savings later in retirement? If so, you are not alone and also have plenty of company. According to a recent AARP survey of baby boomers, respondents said they had more concerns about running out of money during retirement than concerns about getting sick and dying! While these...

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The Best Tips to Reduce Debt This Year

Can You Reduce Debt for a More Comfortable Retirement? Obviously, people who enjoy comfortable retirements have usually worked very diligently to reduce or eliminate debt and build up savings and investments. If you are facing retirement with a big pile of debts, particularly unsecured credit card debt, this can seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome. However, you might benefit from considering some of these...

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Term vs. Whole vs. Universal Life Insurance: Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance: Term vs. Whole vs. Universal Life Insurance If you ever listen to any financial advice on talk radio, you may already know that financial guru Suze Orman hates whole and universal life insurance, and she only likes term life insurance. Other financial and insurance professionals may beg to differ, and they believe that the right type of life insurance for an...

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Are Reverse Mortgages Good or Bad?

Work at Home Jobs that Pay Well

The Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages You may have even seen the Fonz (AKA Henry WInkler) pushing reverse mortgages on TV lately. However, you might have also noticed some news stories about vulnerable senior citizens who got in trouble with these types of reverse loans that allow you to get payments from your home while you still live there. Reverse mortgages can be good...

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Long Term Care Insurance Alternatives

Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance Some time ago, Baby Boomer Concerns published an article titles, The Pros and Cons of Long Term Care Insurance. Readers asked for more information about long term care insurance alternatives. Obviously, these readers already know that long term care is expensive and the costs have been increasing pretty steadily each year. Planning for the cost of long term care...

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