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Eat Nuts and Live Longer, says Harvard

Are Nuts the Fountain of Youth? We already mentioned that eating plenty of produce has been correlated with less risk of disease and a lower chance of death, but if you need something crunchy to spread on your salad, consider nuts. Nuts can lower the risk of disease and premature death. This advice comes right from Harvard Medical School, and who are we to argue...

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Vegetable Noodle Makers

Enjoy Pasta Recipes and Eat More Vegetables A recurring anti-aging theme seems to be that we all need to eat more vegetables to live longer and stay healthy. Doctors and scientific studies have agreed that even three to five servings of fruit and vegetables a day may not be optimum, and we may need to shoot for seven. That does seem like a lot of...

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The “Eat More Vegetables and Fruit” Anti-Aging Solution

Is the Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth in the Produce Aisle? Surely, you have seen articles and ads for the latest exotic oil or fruit extract that can reverse aging, restore vitality, and even make you more popular. Remember how Ponce de Leon looked for the mythical Fountain of Youth in Florida. Perhaps he should have just been looking for an orange grove, and maybe you...

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Informing baby boomers!