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2016 Presidential Election: The Last Stand of the Baby Boomers

Is this the Election Year of the Last Boomer President? It’s sort of ironic because Bill Clinton was considered the first baby boomer president when he was sworn into office in the 1990s. In 2016, Hillary Clinton is one of three major candidates. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is anther boomer. Bernie Sanders, the darling of the millennials, is actually a hair too...

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Yes, You Can: Top Job Tips for Midlife Career Changes

Sometimes people are forced to change careers in middle age, but often they choose to do it. A job that is less demanding might be attractive for an aging worker, but so might a job that feels more fulfilling. As baby boomer concerns over retirement savings mount, working longer might not be an option; but that doesn’t mean that you need to work more years...

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Internet Freelance Jobs for Baby Boomers

Find Freelance Work Online

Jobs that Allow Baby Boomers to Freelance Online It is no secret that unemployment and underemployment have hit baby boomers almost as hard as they have hit younger adults who are just starting their careers. Some boomers may have the advantage of already having years of experience and perhaps some semi-retirement income built up, so it might be the perfect time to consider freelancing. After...

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ObamaCare Health Marketplaces May Be Good For Baby Boomers

How Can Health Insurance Exchanges Help People Over 50? The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare or health reform, has established new health insurance marketplaces. Several states have their own exchanges. If your state does not have one of these marketplaces set up, you are free to use the federal exchange.The marketplaces opened for business on October 1, 2013, and the plans will begin...

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Is The Full-Time RV Lifestyle For You?

Could You Call A Recreational Vehicle (RV) Your Full-Time Home? For any number of reasons, more and more Americans are buying recreational vehicles (RVs). Of course, most people purchase these mobile homes on wheels for recreational use. A small, but growing number of people, are adopting a part-time or full-time lifestyle. They save money, enjoy living in different places, and reduce complications. The most common...

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What Are Baby Boomers Concerned About?

Top Baby Boomer Concerns Boomers are interested in lots of things. But the anxiety level among this group of people who has already just retired or are approaching retirement is high. Since it is the title of this website, addressing the top baby boomer concerns was high on the mission statement so topics could be focused. What Are Baby Boomers Worried About? Well, according to...

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