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When to Collect Social Security Retirement Income

What Age is Best for Collecting Social Security Benefits? The exact age that you should begin collecting payments for social security retirement income can make a big difference in your monthly payments and the amount of money that you can collect over the course of your entire lifetime. By maximizing your social security benefits, you might be able to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and...

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Worried About Running Out of Money Later in Retirement: The Deferred Annuity Solution

Who Worries About Running out of Money Later In Retirement? Are you worried about running out of retirement savings later in retirement? If so, you are not alone and also have plenty of company. According to a recent AARP survey of baby boomers, respondents said they had more concerns about running out of money during retirement than concerns about getting sick and dying! While these...

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Long Term Care Insurance Alternatives

Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance Some time ago, Baby Boomer Concerns published an article titles, The Pros and Cons of Long Term Care Insurance. Readers asked for more information about long term care insurance alternatives. Obviously, these readers already know that long term care is expensive and the costs have been increasing pretty steadily each year. Planning for the cost of long term care...

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Life Insurance And Annuity Scams on Seniors

Be Wary Of These Life Insurance Scams Annuity scams are usually grouped with life insurance because fixed annuities are sold by life insurance sales people. First off, insurance is very highly regulated in each state. Agents have a duty to represent their clients even if they get paid commissions from an insurer. The vast majority of local insurance agents thrive because they do put their...

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