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Baby Boomer, You Need A Few New Resumes!

Resumes That Work!

Resumes That Work!

Your resume might not be making you look old, but your resume writing tactics might be dated if you have not gone job hunting for a decade or two. After having interviewed several professional recruiters, we came away with some good tactics and even a resume template to create resumes that actually get noticed. If your old resume has not been effective, or if you are just starting out, it might save you some frustration to take a moment to read through these resume tips for over 50 job seekers.

You Probably Need To Tailor Your Resume For Each Employer Or Type of Job

Most large job boards allow you to store multiple resumes. By the time most people hit middle age, there are probably a few different types of jobs that would be acceptable. Make sure you tailor a resume for each type of job. If possible, even tailor resumes for specific employers.

The old one-size-fits-all resume strategy is not really effective. If this is true for resumes, it is 10 times as true for cover letters. The first thing that a recruiter or employer will see is going to be your resume. Don’t make them guess if you are the right person for the job, but instead tell them exactly why you are are a good match.

Your Resume Needs To Highlight What You Can Do For An Employer

In order to be effective in this competitive and largely digitally searchable job market, your resume needs to include the right terms and phrases that can help recruiters and hiring managers pull it out of the electronic stack. This means that your resume needs to emphasize:

  • What you can do for an employer
  • Exactly why you can do those wonderful things for an employer
  • Highlight your relevant skills and experience as far up on the page as possible

Include Key Terms and Phrases: If you use online job sites or not, it is very likely that your resume will end up stored digitally. This means it might be accessible by key word searches. If you think your expertise in financial accounting, MS Word, Objective C, or 8th grade English will help you land a job, be sure and mention it!

AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired People, includes some do’s and don’ts of resume writing for middle aged people. From our query of recruiters, we actually changed the order on our resume template, but their advice is sound.

  • Tailor each resume to a specific job: Again, do not try to make your resume do all things for all people. You might need multiple resumes.
  • Try to keep your resume under 2 pages: This might mean editing or leaving off your job experience from more than 10 years ago.
  • Proofread: Better yet, get a friend to proofread it for you after you have already done it.
  • Use cover letters: Cover letters give you an informal way to introduce yourself.

Resume Templates For Midlife Job Changes

Here is an effective and simple template for a resume. Some types of professions do require and expect variations on this theme, so you might need to research your own preferred professions.



Brief Statement: Use one or two sentences to summarize the reasons you would be a good fit for a specific job. This part should be customized for different jobs or job types.

Skills: This is where you list your exact skills.There is some debate about moving this section over or under work experience.

Relevant Work Experience: List relevant jobs. Give priority to recent jobs.

Education: If you graduated from a really impressive school, you might want to move this over your work experience.

Awards, Volunteer Work, Professional Memberships: Most employers like to hire people who are active and recognized members of the local or professional community.

References: You can say they are available upon request. Make sure you have 3 – 5 good references to supply.

More Tips For Over 50 Job Seekers

This article from Homeworkerforum.com has some good tips for stay-at-home mom resumes. Some of the advice about setting up a resume on your on free blog and explaining work gaps could apply to many baby boomers who are on the market. You may not think your issues are similar, but they might be. You might have just left your last job yesterday, but it could have been awhile since you have last looked for a job.



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