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Love Him or Hate Him: Walter White is a Boomer with Typical Concerns!

The Study Of Change

The Study Of Change

You’ve got a seemingly Mr. Chips type of high school chemistry teacher, stressed out because his salary is not really adequate to provide security for his family. At the age of 50, Walter White gets the good news and the bad news. The good news is that his wife is pregnant. The bad news is that he has been diagnosed with a very serious type of cancer. In addition to his wife and new baby, Walter also has a disabled teenaged son to support and teach how to drive. Does any of this sound familiar?

Faced with this typical dilemma, Mr. White (as Jesse calls him) comes up with the common idea of starting his own side business in order to make some additional income. This can be a great idea for many boomers who want to save more money for retirement and their family’s security. What he does that is different and morally questionable is decide to start an illegal business. Hence, he is Breaking Bad.

Is Breaking Bad The Perfect Baby Boomer Drama?

  • Aged billionaire, Warren Buffet, says he is a huge fan of Breaking Bad, according to Business Insider.
  • The relationship between older Mr. White and younger Jesse Pinkman has its ups and downs, reflecting generational tension.
  • The contrast between the cool Gustavo Fring and the brilliant but sometimes comically bumbling Mr. White also struck a chord.
  • The popular season 5 episode,Ozymandias, had 3.59 million adult viewers in this age range: 25-54.

Those of you who have been following Walter White’s changing life probably found yourself sympathizing with his situation at first. During the first season, when he simply seemed naive and desperate, you may have even rooted for him. You hoped he would survive, and maybe even thrive a little. Then the writers threw in a bunch where Walter White broke some moral barriers where most of us would not want to go. Instead of just associating with some fairly harmless slackers, he started tangling with real criminals, sociopaths, and murderers. Finally, it looked like Walter White had even broken bad enough to become one of them.

Breaking Bad: The Study of Change

Luckily, most of you have not had to descend as far as Walter and Skylar in order to thrive and survive. Coping with psychopaths, cartels, and the DEA are probably not your problems. But you may have found that your life did not exactly turn out in any way you might have predicted as you began to hit your post-50 birthdays.

This popular AMC TV show appeals to people of many different ages. It dips its toes into the cultural life of the young and middle aged.  Middle aged viewers can learn that Jesse address men as B-Tches, but not women. That would be too impolite. Perhaps when their own teenaged and young adult kids come home, these older viewers can get a better grasp of the lingo.

Family is everything, but the steps Walter takes for his family might end up destroying it. There are no spoilers here, so you will have to watch the show or read some other reviews to find them. Mostly it is a show about the descent of a protagonist into an antagonist. As Mr. White said early in the show: Chemistry is the study of change. Breaking Bad is also the study of change. That is what Baby Boomers are going through now.


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  1. I have been watching Breaking Bad with my son, and I talk to a lot of guys my age who found out about this show from their adult kids. Funny how it turned into a great relationship builder. I’m so disappointed that Walt and Jesse fell out at the end, and then Walt lost Jr. too. Makes you want to hug your kid.

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