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Jobs that Allow Baby Boomers to Freelance Online

It is no secret that unemployment and underemployment have hit baby boomers almost as hard as they have hit younger adults who are just starting their careers. Some boomers may have the advantage of already having years of experience and perhaps some semi-retirement income built up, so it might be the perfect time to consider freelancing. After having accumulated years of work experience, most boomers really don’t need a boss looking over their shoulders to tell them what to do, and freelancing has become a mainstream alternative.

Forbes Magazine covered some of the best freelancing careers to consider, and they also presented some surprising statistics about freelancing in the US:

  • US freelancers number about 16 million.
  • The recruiting firm, MBO Partners, believes that the number of freelancers will total 65 million by 2020.
  • These are statistics from WritingMoney.biz about average freelance writers.

Why Should Boomers Consider Freelancing Online?

Some people decide to freelance as a solution to unemployment. However, many others leave regular jobs for the chance to enjoy a more flexible schedule. Almost everybody already has the equipment that they need, and this may consist of nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. These days, smart phones have also become a handy freelancing tool because they allow workers to communicate with clients and potential clients from almost anywhere in a variety of ways.

Top Internet Freelancing Jobs for Boomers

Creative and technical jobs, like freelance writing, graphic design, software development, website creation, marketing, or even simply creating spreadsheets, tend to lead the pack when it comes to freelance opportunities. However, businesses also seek online workers to handle bookkeeping, work as virtual assistants, work as customer service representatives, and do sales either online or over the phone.

Some more traditional professionals, like lawyers, insurance agents, and even teachers, are finding plenty of new opportunities to work online from home too. With advances in Internet technology and tools, and the fact that clients and companies are more open to a home work force, there is no reason that many professions cannot be handled over the phone. Even doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are finding online career tracks as they perform triage, answer questions, and review medical files online.

How Much Can Internet Freelancers Make?

Like any other type of work, pay is quite variable. If you are just starting out in a field with little experience and few contacts, you might be happy to make minimum wage. As you find sources of work either through private clients or freelance job sites, you might develop your freelancing business into a very profitable venture.

Experienced freelance writers, for example, should be able to make $30 to $40 an hour in time, and some make more. There is virtually no limit to the amount of money that many professionals can make once they build up a pipeline of business, and many make six figure incomes from the comfort of their living room or home office.

How Do You Begin Freelancing on the Internet?

There are lots of ways to find work as an online freelancer.  Most people who need to develop a base of clients will use several sources of work in order build up enough good-paying work in order to make a full time income. The right answer really depends upon the type of work that you plan to do, and that really depends upon your experience and preference. If you would like to explore work as a freelancer, consider these ways to source work:

  • Gather private clients: Most freelancers make more money by working directly with their own clients, but it can take time to develop a steady pipeline as some clients will come and go as their needs change.  Setting up a website, advertising, and staying active on social media are god ways to start. Also, just make sure you tell people what you do, and that can help you get referrals from existing contacts.
  • Join freelancing sites: Some of these are better than others, but freelancing sites can help you get started without having to do your own client recruiting. The clients are already there, and you just need to compete for jobs.  Some sites are better than others, and you do have to give up a portion of your pay to the site that recruited the clients. On the other hand, you won’t have to spend as much time recruiting clients.
  • Find work-wanted ads on classified ads sites, industry sites, or Internet-oriented forums: You might be surprised that the local Craigslist can be a great source of freelancing work as real companies do advertise for contract-type workers on these venues today.  If you have website-specific skills like content production or website design, you might look for Internet marketing or webmaster forums as these generally have sections that are devoted to services.
  • Try job boards: Some job boards are beginning to devote larger sections to Internet freelancing opportunities.  Just as we discussed ways to search for RV jobs, there are good ways to search for a freelance job on job boards.



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