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How to Read Amazon eBooks Without a Kindle eBook Reader

kindleEven though printed books picked up steam a big lately, the reality is that eBooks are here to stay. Even older folks who have read regular, paper books their entire lives have discovered the advantages of reading eBooks on all sorts of electronic devices, including e-readers, computers, tablets, and even cell phones. Some people don’t believe that they can read Kindle books because they don’t have a Kindle, but this is not true at all. Here are some ways to enjoy eBooks from Amazon without a Kindle..

How to Find Free eBooks for Kindle

To get started, you might want to try some of the best, free eBooks. There is no doubt that there are some low-quality freebies on Amazon. However, many quality books are made free as promotions for authors and other books. There are some websites that help showcase these specials. For example, here is a site that keeps track of quality, speculative fiction free eBooks from Amazon in several categories that include fantasy, science fiction, and even speculative fiction for children. That last one might be a good choice if you have ot watch your grandchildren or younger kids!

Of course, all eBooks aren’t free. There is also an option to join Kindle Unlimited and borrow books for free. You might also pay for eBooks, and they are usually much cheaper than printed books. Besides, you don’t have to worry about wasting all of that paper. One other thing to know is that you can lend your purchased eBooks just like you would lend any book. Here’s Amazon’s program to help people enjoy unlimited eBook borrows: Unlimited Borrows

Ways to Read Amazon eBooks Without a Kindle eReader

Amazon provides a variety of Amazon Kindle apps that you can use to read their electronic books on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can learn more right on Amazon:Amazon Kindle Apps Also, the app store for your other devices, like your Android or iPhone, should have free downloads of Kindle apps that come right from Amazon, so you know that they are safe and tested.

In fact, Amazon even makes it really easy to read eBooks right from your computer, so you really don’t have to download any new applications. If you are reading this article on a laptop or desktop, you should be able to read a novel!


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