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How Does an Egg Fast Work to Bust a Weight Loss Plateau?

If you’ve spent any time trying to lose weight, you’ve probably also hit a weight loss plateau. Some folks call them a diet stall, but either way, they are that point when you keep dieting and exercising, and the dial on your scale just gets stuck. Recently, a type of diet called an egg fast plan has been promoted by various diet and body building websites as an effective plateau buster. These are only temporary diets, meant to break stalls.

If you’re frustrated because your scale has looked frozen each morning, it may help to learn how an egg fast works .  If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to read these egg fast diet results too.

What Causes Weight Loss Plateaus?

These diet plateaus are real, and the Mayo Clinic even weighed in on the issue. According them, periods of more rapid weight loss happen because your body has a chance to burn stores of glycogen, which in turn, is also stored with a lot of water.

When you body actually starts to burn fat, it might unhelpfully signal your metabolism to slow down in order to hang on to what you have because it thinks that it’s starving. Since glycogen is actually a type of protein, you probably don’t want to send more of that down the chute as a way to rescue yourself. Of course, the Mayo Clinic suggests the conservative and sensible actions of cutting calories or increasing activity.

Here’s How an Egg Fast Works?

An egg fast isn’t really a fast, and if you do it right, you won’t get hungry, but it still might help you restrict your food in a healthy way while boosting your energy level! Basically, the egg fast diet plan consists of at least a half-dozen eggs, fat for cooking or prepping, and even a few servings of cheese. If you are starting out heavier or are quite active, you may need more eggs and more fat.

Most people also eat salads, other green vegetables, and even sugar-free desserts like no-calorie gelatin. Since you can eat fat, you can include reasonable amounts of low-carb dressing, mayo, whipped cream, and so on too. You need to get some fiber, so vegetables or even berries seem like a smart addition to this plan. You should also stay hydrated with your favorite no-calorie drinks, but you’re allowed low-calorie sweeteners.

So, how does a high-fat and moderate-protein diet like like an egg fast work? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of truly scientific information published on this kind of diet, but you can certainly find plenty of fans who have tried it.

Anyway these are the most common explanations for why an egg fast works:

  • Most people seem to think that eating six to eight eggs a day and fat is pretty satiating. Remember that you can use butter or fat plus cheese to your egg dishes. Add in a salad, sides of vegetables, and even some sugar-free, berry and whipped cream Jello concoction, and you’ll probably keep from getting hungry during the day.
  • Maybe it’s just sort of boring to rely on eggs as the main protein source. Anyway, people seem to naturally cut carbs or calories too with this plan.
  • Some proponents say that the fact that eggs yolks are loaded with choline also helps. Choline is a recognized nutrient that aids the body with energy production, metabolism of fat, and even brain function, so it’s not a bad nutrient to get.

Warnings About Busting a Plateau With an Egg Fast

If you’re otherwise healthy, relying upon eggs, cheese, fat, and green vegetables for a few days probably won’t hurt you. However, this is meant as a temporary diet that lasts for two, three, or maybe even four days. It’s not meant as a permanent, lifetime eating plan.

These are some other tips and warnings about egg fasting:

  • Don’t skimp on the eggs, and at a serving of fat per egg.
  • You don’t have to eat the cheese, but you should include green vegetables to make sure you get fiber.
  • If you’re not getting enough fiber to keep your digestion regular, you might try adding in a few sprinkles of flax of chia seeds to some of your dishes.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated. Water, mineral water, coffee, and tea are fine. So are diet sodas in moderation.

Will you lose weight on an egg fast? Honestly, you should see results within a day or two if you going to see any at all. Some people who had trouble losing weight because they had messed up their metabolism or hit a plateau find it useful. Of course, if you have any health concerns, you might check with your doctor first.





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