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Can You Work While Roaming the Road in an RV?

You can work and live in a recreational vehicle.

Work From Your RV!

We already discussed the full time RV lifestyle, and the biggest problem most people have is they still need to earn some additional income to supplement savings and retirement income. There are lots of ways to work on the road, and some employers even provide camping space and amenities for road warriors with recreational vehicles or other types of campers.  While many people who live and work out of an RV, are self-employed or salespeople, others use their campers as a way to report for seasonable jobs.

Even though many employers hire for the summer season in the travel industry, some employers actually need to hire workers for a fall-winter season, and they are involved in product sales or a variety of different industries. Additionally, people who freelance or run their own retail businesses out of an RV may be able to set their own schedules. If you have had to delay retirement, you may not have to delay your dream of traveling around the country in an RV!

Seasonal or Year-Round Jobs with RV or Camper Spaces as Benefits

Amazon Camper Work Force : Fall through Right Before Christmas

As you might suspect, Amazon gets a lot busier during the peak buying season that leads up to Christmas and other winter holidays. The seasonal jobs begin in early fall and continue until December, 23, and they are located in parts of the country where the weather tends to be fairly mild during winter months. Currently posted opportunities are in KY, KS, and NV.

This might make becoming a part of the Amazon Camper Work Force a great opportunity who have seasonal summer jobs that end when school starts again. Since this opportunity ends right before Christmas, you may still have time to pack up and enjoy the holiday with family. You can learn more about the Amazon Camper Workforce Program here.

  • Pay starts at $10.50 to $11.50 an hour, depending upon the location.
  • Job benefits include a paid campsite for your RV with utilities (not propane), overtime pay, and the opportunity to earn bonuses for referrals and staying with the job until the season ends.

Seasonal and Year-Round Travel Industry Jobs for RVers

Many jobs in the travel industry tend to begin in late spring and run through the summer season. That is not true of all jobs as there are many opportunities in warmer climates that actually need more workers in colder months when northern snow birds tend to travel.

For example, you can find work with RV living in a Death Value resort that offers employees a choice of a dorm or RV hookups. Jobs are available all year round. That particular opportunity even offers health and retirement benefits for some employees.

Similar resort and travel industry jobs can be found for people who want to park their RVs all over the country, and this includes jobs with RV spaces in states from Alaska to South Dakota’s Badlands and Black Hills to Florida. This page lists a good sample of jobs with RVs and campsites.

Take Small Business on the Road

Some people run their business out of their RV. These opportunities can usually get divided into two basic categories:

  • People who have something to sell may follow the fair, festival, or large flea market route. Many of these venues offer RV camping with utilities.
  • Some freelancers, like software developers, writers, or virtual assistants, can take their business on the road and do it from anywhere that they can access an Internet connection. New services that allow people to turn their phone into a 4G hotspot may make this lifestyle even more possible. Additionally, these days many RV parks do offer in-park WiFi for campers.

Retail Business for RV’ERs

People with crafts or a variety of other products to sell might choose to run their business at festivals, fairs, events, or one of those giant flea markets that provide RV camping. One example might be craft businesses or even entertainers who follow Renaissance fairs all over the country. Another example could be people who set up camp in the RV park of a giant flea market like one of the Trader’s Village locations in Texas.

Some people even travel around in their ice cream or other food truck to capture seasonal business. Imagine selling ice cream cones in Wisconsin in the summer and Florida in the winter. Mobile phone credit card applications and devices have made this easier than ever.

Telecommuting Jobs and Businesses for RV’ERS

As long as Internet connections can be managed, there is no reason that practically any work at home freelance business cannot be converted into an RV job. You might check the work at home job board for any location you plan to be in.This page covers some freelance writing sites that are usually hiring. People with other skills and vocations can check out other freelancing sites like ODesk and Freelancer.com.

Of course, skilled freelancers will probably make more money if they can seek private clients. Working as a freelancer, you may have clients all over the country or even all over the world. Your location hardly matters if you can get to an Internet-enabled device and a phone. LinkedIn is one good place to connect with potential clients, and their job boards also list requests for freelance opportunities that you might pursue.

Can You Combine Your RV And Work?

Living in an RV, even one that is frequently on the road, is really not a barrier to finding employment or starting a business these days. Lots of baby boomers have had to put retirement dreams on hold because they lack the money to live comfortably. However, that doesn’t mean that some of these people, maybe even you, cannot have your cake and eat it too! You can still work and enjoy the full time RV lifestyle.



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