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When to Collect Social Security Retirement Income

What Age is Best for Collecting Social Security Benefits? The exact age that you should begin collecting payments for social security retirement income can make a big difference in your monthly payments and the amount of money that you can collect over the course of your entire lifetime. By maximizing your social security benefits, you might be able to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and...

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Long Term Care Insurance Alternatives

Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance Some time ago, Baby Boomer Concerns published an article titles, The Pros and Cons of Long Term Care Insurance. Readers asked for more information about long term care insurance alternatives. Obviously, these readers already know that long term care is expensive and the costs have been increasing pretty steadily each year. Planning for the cost of long term care...

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Secrets of the Rich

Wealthy people are different

Are Rich People Different? This may not be a big secret of the rich, but wealthy people really are different in the way that they approach money than poor and middle-class people. For example, wealthy people might spend a lot more money because they have it to spend, but they are more likely to rely upon cash payments than people in other economic classes. Even...

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Compare Roth vs. Traditional IRA Plans: Which is better?

Even if you are already over 50 years old, there is still time to start saving for retirement. If you have (hopefully) already begun saving for your golden years, you might find that there is still time to change your retirement strategy too. Since traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts (IRA) both encourage Americans to save for retirement through a variety of tax advantages, you...

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What Are Baby Boomers Concerned About?

Top Baby Boomer Concerns Boomers are interested in lots of things. But the anxiety level among this group of people who has already just retired or are approaching retirement is high. Since it is the title of this website, addressing the top baby boomer concerns was high on the mission statement so topics could be focused. What Are Baby Boomers Worried About? Well, according to...

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Baby Boomers Retirement Savings Woes

Why Aren’t Baby Boomers Saving For Retirement? Several different factors have been piling up on today’s baby boomers, and these may finally lead to a real train wreck of a retirement outlooks for boomers. You do not have to read some reactionary political blogs to come to this conclusion, but can simply pull government data. The number of older workers who are living paycheck to...

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