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Worried About Running Out of Money Later in Retirement: The Deferred Annuity Solution

Who Worries About Running out of Money Later In Retirement? Are you worried about running out of retirement savings later in retirement? If so, you are not alone and also have plenty of company. According to a recent AARP survey of baby boomers, respondents said they had more concerns about running out of money during retirement than concerns about getting sick and dying! While these...

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Pros and Cons of Intergenerational Housing

Living With an Extended Family Some baby boomers may be downsizing for retirement, but others are simply moving in with family. Actually, it is more likely that they are letting family members move in with them. Adult children are deciding to move back to the family home, and sometimes they even bring spouses and their own children. Would you consider intergenerational housing in order to...

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Are Reverse Mortgages Good or Bad?

Work at Home Jobs that Pay Well

The Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages You may have even seen the Fonz (AKA Henry WInkler) pushing reverse mortgages on TV lately. However, you might have also noticed some news stories about vulnerable senior citizens who got in trouble with these types of reverse loans that allow you to get payments from your home while you still live there. Reverse mortgages can be good...

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Is The Full-Time RV Lifestyle For You?

Could You Call A Recreational Vehicle (RV) Your Full-Time Home? For any number of reasons, more and more Americans are buying recreational vehicles (RVs). Of course, most people purchase these mobile homes on wheels for recreational use. A small, but growing number of people, are adopting a part-time or full-time lifestyle. They save money, enjoy living in different places, and reduce complications. The most common...

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Movin’ On Down: Baby Boomers May Be Downsizing To Save Money For Retirement

Are You Planning To Downsize Soon To Save More Money? During the ’80’s, also known as the “me” decade, lots of young professionals (remember yuppies) were bent on accumulation. The survivors of that time, now greyer and hopefully wiser, are looking for coping strategies because most of that coping did not consist of tangible assets that can now be used for retirement. While these pre-retirees...

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