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Pros and Cons of Burial Insurance

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Burial Insurance Policies If you watch daytime or late-night TV, you have probably seen plenty of advertisements for a product called senior life insurance. These are also called burial life insurance, burial policies, and final expense insurance. Final expense insurance is the most descriptive name for what these policies are intended for, but they are actually a type of...

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4 Tax Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Dave Simbro is a senior vice-president for Northwestern Mutual, and he compares permanent life insurance, like whole or universal life, to a Swiss Army knife because there are so many ways to pull money out. Insurance is not supposed to be considered an investment, but it might be fair to compare it to a piggy bank. When compared to things that are investments, like stocks...

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Term vs. Whole vs. Universal Life Insurance: Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance: Term vs. Whole vs. Universal Life Insurance If you ever listen to any financial advice on talk radio, you may already know that financial guru Suze Orman hates whole and universal life insurance, and she only likes term life insurance. Other financial and insurance professionals may beg to differ, and they believe that the right type of life insurance for an...

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Life Insurance And Annuity Scams on Seniors

Be Wary Of These Life Insurance Scams Annuity scams are usually grouped with life insurance because fixed annuities are sold by life insurance sales people. First off, insurance is very highly regulated in each state. Agents have a duty to represent their clients even if they get paid commissions from an insurer. The vast majority of local insurance agents thrive because they do put their...

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Pros and Cons of Senior Life Settlements

Senior Life Settlements Pros And Cons You might have been told that you can sell your permanent (whole or universal life insurance) policy for cash, and you might wonder if this is a good idea. These transactions are called senior life settlements. Less commonly, they are referred to as viatical settlements. To qualify, the insured person usually has to be over 65 years old, own...

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Life Insurance Over 50

Why Do People Over 50 Need Life Insurance? Do you need to buy life over 50? Lots of people buy term policies when they are just starting out with a new house and a young family. It might seem prudent to be sure a home can get paid off and kids can have support in case something unexpected happens to a family’s breadwinners and caregivers....

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