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Yes, You Can: Top Job Tips for Midlife Career Changes

Sometimes people are forced to change careers in middle age, but often they choose to do it. A job that is less demanding might be attractive for an aging worker, but so might a job that feels more fulfilling. As baby boomer concerns over retirement savings mount, working longer might not be an option; but that doesn’t mean that you need to work more years...

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When to Collect Social Security Retirement Income

What Age is Best for Collecting Social Security Benefits? The exact age that you should begin collecting payments for social security retirement income can make a big difference in your monthly payments and the amount of money that you can collect over the course of your entire lifetime. By maximizing your social security benefits, you might be able to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and...

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Worried About Running Out of Money Later in Retirement: The Deferred Annuity Solution

Who Worries About Running out of Money Later In Retirement? Are you worried about running out of retirement savings later in retirement? If so, you are not alone and also have plenty of company. According to a recent AARP survey of baby boomers, respondents said they had more concerns about running out of money during retirement than concerns about getting sick and dying! While these...

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Pros and Cons of Burial Insurance

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Burial Insurance Policies If you watch daytime or late-night TV, you have probably seen plenty of advertisements for a product called senior life insurance. These are also called burial life insurance, burial policies, and final expense insurance. Final expense insurance is the most descriptive name for what these policies are intended for, but they are actually a type of...

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Internet Freelance Jobs for Baby Boomers

Find Freelance Work Online

Jobs that Allow Baby Boomers to Freelance Online It is no secret that unemployment and underemployment have hit baby boomers almost as hard as they have hit younger adults who are just starting their careers. Some boomers may have the advantage of already having years of experience and perhaps some semi-retirement income built up, so it might be the perfect time to consider freelancing. After...

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The Best Tips to Reduce Debt This Year

Can You Reduce Debt for a More Comfortable Retirement? Obviously, people who enjoy comfortable retirements have usually worked very diligently to reduce or eliminate debt and build up savings and investments. If you are facing retirement with a big pile of debts, particularly unsecured credit card debt, this can seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome. However, you might benefit from considering some of these...

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4 Tax Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Dave Simbro is a senior vice-president for Northwestern Mutual, and he compares permanent life insurance, like whole or universal life, to a Swiss Army knife because there are so many ways to pull money out. Insurance is not supposed to be considered an investment, but it might be fair to compare it to a piggy bank. When compared to things that are investments, like stocks...

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Pros and Cons of Intergenerational Housing

Living With an Extended Family Some baby boomers may be downsizing for retirement, but others are simply moving in with family. Actually, it is more likely that they are letting family members move in with them. Adult children are deciding to move back to the family home, and sometimes they even bring spouses and their own children. Would you consider intergenerational housing in order to...

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Good Jobs For RV’ERS (Camper Work Force Jobs)

You can work and live in a recreational vehicle.

Can You Work While Roaming the Road in an RV? We already discussed the full time RV lifestyle, and the biggest problem most people have is they still need to earn some additional income to supplement savings and retirement income. There are lots of ways to work on the road, and some employers even provide camping space and amenities for road warriors with recreational vehicles...

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Baby Boomer Job Tips: High Paying Home Jobs

Work at Home Jobs that Pay Well

Work at Home Jobs That Pay Well A recent Gallup Poll concerning retirement ages revealed the sad truth that more and more baby boomers are reluctant to retire, and that is more about struggling financially than any true passion for their career. Look at the ages that boomers expect to retire according to this poll: 64 or under: 27 percent 65: 24 percent Over 65:...

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