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Fiber: The Secret to Over 50 Weight Loss?

Can Dietary Fiber Stop The Middle Age Spread? Is weight gain just an inevitable part of middle age? Nobody needs a doctor to tell them that their metabolism and possibly, human growth hormone production, slows down after age 50. But that doesn’t make weight loss and muscle gain over 50 impossible, and for many, fiber might be the over 50 weight loss solution. If you...

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How Chia Seeds Help with Weight Loss

Do chia seeds aid weight loss?

Do Chia Seeds Help with Weight Loss? Chia seeds first became part of American culture with the popularity of Chia Pets – the cute little figures that grew in clay pots and looked cute because of of the chia sprouts that formed the fur or hair of the creatures. Both the sprouts and seeds are entirely edible, so you may have been missing a nutritional...

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