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2016 Presidential Election: The Last Stand of the Baby Boomers

Is this the Election Year of the Last Boomer President? It’s sort of ironic because Bill Clinton was considered the first baby boomer president when he was sworn into office in the 1990s. In 2016, Hillary Clinton is one of three major candidates. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is anther boomer. Bernie Sanders, the darling of the millennials, is actually a hair too...

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How to Read a Kindle Book Without a Kindle

How to Read Amazon eBooks Without a Kindle eBook Reader Even though printed books picked up steam a big lately, the reality is that eBooks are here to stay. Even older folks who have read regular, paper books their entire lives have discovered the advantages of reading eBooks on all sorts of electronic devices, including e-readers, computers, tablets, and even cell phones. Some people don’t...

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Baby Boomer Author: Raft People by ML Katz

Raft People by ML Katz We want to spotlight some books about baby boomers or at least by baby boomer authors. The idea here is that the online publishing revolution has opened up a lot of doors to authors that might have spent a lot time with some good books in their head but no real ability to get them published or noticed before. To...

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