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Raft People by ML Katz

Find Raft People on Amazon

Find Raft People on Amazon

We want to spotlight some books about baby boomers or at least by baby boomer authors. The idea here is that the online publishing revolution has opened up a lot of doors to authors that might have spent a lot time with some good books in their head but no real ability to get them published or noticed before. To start off, why not look at Raft People (Book 1)?

This is a semi-apocalyptic book with an ensemble cast of characters, but it centers on Leah Green, a middle-aged mom with three teenaged children who need to survive rising waters that threaten to take over the U.S. Gulf Coast.An elderly engineer and a middle-aged, retired female special forces diver also have important parts to play.

Here’s the short blurb about Raft People, a Permuted Press Book, from Amazon:

Before the Big Flood, Liz Green worried more about hiding detention notes, the activities of her rebellious friends, and the onset of mental illness than global climate change. She lives on the Texas Coastal Plain with her single mother, brilliant older brother, and socially awkward but clever younger brother. But now the water keeps rising, and her mother, Leah, has bigger problems than Liz. The suburban family, their neighbors, and billions of people all over the world are stuck between the rising seas and snarled land escape routes.

The military cannot cope with millions of refugees, and the wealthy or connected rush to berths on secret ocean habitats.

Liz’s family finds a website called “RaftPeople.com” which coordinates the efforts of ordinary people who plan to construct homemade crafts in order to float out of the disaster. They have to reply upon the natural talents of Liz’s younger brother, Mark, a middle aged former female special forces diver named Shirley, and an eighty year old retired naval engineer. This small group of neighbors decides to become Raft People to escape before their Houston suburb floods.

The author, ML Katz, was already past 50 when she had the idea to write her first novel, and this one became fairly popular as a self-published book, mostly selling e-books. Then the publisher swooped in and picked it up.

She says that she was inspired by the book by her experiences during major storms on the Gulf Coast and news about global warming and rising sea levels. She also got some inspiration from Stephen Baxter’s Flood and Ark series.  Global warming is not what causes the rising seas in this book, but the premise is similar.

You can find Raft People in e-book and paperback form online. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. are all good places to start. You can also learn more about the author’s work at her website — RaftPeople.com and the ML Katz Facebook page.

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